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Different Heroes...
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THE REALITY is a new take on heroes. Like Stan Lee & his team of co-creators in the '60s, one writer & some artists are reinventing heroes for today! These heroes are not rich playboys or genius scientists; they're often not even heroes. They are average people from a variety of backgrounds, races, genders, religions. But The Reality isn't about that. It's about their struggles to be selfless and good people in a complex world. This is their journey.
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What's Here in THE REALITY...
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Planned for 3 "seasons" (24 issues per), THE REALITY is different: Maya Ramachandran/DEATHWITCH traverses Hell to find out if her dad is the Devil, gaining powers she doesn't want...oh, & it's a "Buffy"-style comedy! PHANTOM KID meets a female detective who rejects him; dejected, he joins a cult (NOT an imaginary tale)! WEREDEVIL, our friendly Filipino Jekyll & Hyde, is sinking ever deeper into evil w/little hope for salvation! And the handi-capable TEAM INdysTRUCTIBLE might just be why our "Intraverse" collapses! So come for the adventure, stay for the lapses in judgment.
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The Reality comics - Railway City


Every comics universe (intraverse! ;] ) needs a home all its own! Ours is The Railway! Railway City was once the town of Ironhorse, so named in the late 1800s for the man who put on a suit of Medieval armor and stopped an unprovoked attack on an innocent Native American tribe. Years later, the white man forced his way in, built a railroad station between Ironhorse and a nearby pioneer settlement. The neighboring towns grew toward one another, with the station at its center...and then it grew up further and further... Railway City is now an industrial metropolis of train tracks weaving in, through, & around the skyscrapers, where tourists hope to catch a glimpse of the city's oldest hero, The Conductor. Welcome.

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